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Being charged with a DWI can be a scary and confusing time. Arrested, car towed, license suspended, breathalyzer in your car, probation, jail time … the list of concerns is seemingly endless.

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At JBabb Law, we have over a decade of experience handling DWI and DUI cases in Texas.

We know the law.

We know the courts. We know how to protect your rights, and we know how to guide you through this frightening and confusing time.

A DWI conviction can do serious damage to your life. Don’t let it. Get ready to fight, and when you are, call us. 
JBabb Law is an established law firm that cares about providing an invaluable service to our clients, as we have done for more than a decade.

We represent our clients throughout the state of Texas when their ready to fight for their rights because they’re accused of a crime by the government, injured in an automobile accident, or when the IRS demands that they pay more money. 

“When You’re Ready to Fight” is not just our slogan, it’s the way we approach every case. If you want a simple, quick deal, we’re probably not the law firm for you. 

But if you want a law firm that will thoroughly investigate and contest every reasonable aspect of the matter, contact us today for a confidential evaluation of your case



I still believe we live in the greatest country because we have the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I became a lawyer so that I could defend others and ensure that their rights are not violated. A critical aspect of these rights is the right to a jury trial when the government accuses one of us of a crime and attempts to take property and/or freedom away from us. I began defending my fellow Texans more than 15 year ago while still a student in law school. 

It was my good fortune to not only participate in Southern Methodist University’s criminal defense clinic, but to also try a case in front of a jury. My time defending my clients during this period gave me a front row seat to observe how the system will simply process people through it without considering their lives and how this case –no matter how thin- will affect the remainder of their lives. It is a significant factor in my decision to not take court appointed cases. I have represented people in an extensive array of criminal and civil cases during my time as a licensed attorney, both state and federal.


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